Enter the World of Coconut Delights

Introducing MESIL, the epitome of purity and nature's goodness in the form of our exquisite Pure and Natural coconut oil. Crafted with utmost care and dedication, MESIL's coconut oil is a true embodiment of excellence and authenticity.
At MESIL, we understand the importance of preserving the integrity of nature's bounty, which is why our coconut oil is derived from the finest coconuts, handpicked from lush tropical plantations. These coconuts undergo a meticulous extraction process to ensure that every drop of oil retains its natural essence and beneficial properties.
MESIL's Pure and Natural coconut oil is unrefined and cold-pressed, guaranteeing that it is free from any harsh chemicals or additives. This gentle extraction method preserves the inherent nutrients, antioxidants, and lauric acid found abundantly in coconuts, making it a powerhouse of wellness.


"At MESIL, our mission is to revolutionize the FMCG industry by consistently delivering food products that embody the essence of health, purity, and natural goodness. We are dedicated to crafting an extensive range of offerings that are free from adulteration, prioritizing the well-being of our consumers above all else. Our unwavering commitment to quality drives us to source the finest ingredients, employ rigorous quality control measures, and embrace sustainable practices throughout our production processes. We aim to inspire healthier lifestyles, foster trust among our customers, and contribute to a sustainable future. MESIL is on a mission to nourish and delight, one product at a time."


"MESIL envisions a future where every household can indulge in the pure delight of wholesome, unadulterated food products. We are committed to crafting a range of FMCG offerings that are not only delicious but also a testament to our unwavering dedication to health and natural goodness. Our vision is to be the trusted choice for discerning consumers, providing them with a bounty of nourishing options that elevate their well-being and bring joy to their tables. We aspire to set new standards in quality, transparency, and sustainability, ensuring that every MESIL product is a symbol of purity and a testament to our enduring promise of 'Health in Every Bite.

MESIL Desiccated Coconut Powder is a premium quality product that is made from fresh and mature coconuts. It is finely grated and dried to retain the natural flavour and aroma of coconuts. It is also free from any artificial flavour, sugar, or preservative, making it a pure and natural product.

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MESIL Virgin Coconut Oil is a premium quality oil that is extracted from fresh and mature coconuts using the cold-pressed method. It is 100% pure and natural, with no bleaching, deodorizing, or refining. It retains the original flavour and aroma of coconuts, as well as the vital nutrients and antioxidants that benefit your health.

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MESIL Coconut Oil is a high-quality oil that is made from the finest quality coconuts, ensuring that it is 100% natural and pure. It is unbleached, unrefined, and free from any sulphate or paraben. It has a rich coconut flavour and aroma that will enhance your cooking and baking.

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MESIL Coconut Testa is a superior product that is made from the brown skin of coconuts, which is usually discarded as waste. It is carefully peeled, dried, and packed to preserve its natural flavour and nutrients. It is 100% natural and pure, with no added chemicals or preservatives.

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Coconut shell is the hard outer layer of the coconut fruit, which is usually discarded after extracting the coconut milk. However, coconut shell has many valuable uses, especially as a raw material for making charcoal. Coconut shell has many advantages over other biomass sources, such as:

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